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Gay Animals Vulture Dad's Lariat Necklace


This piece was based on and inspired by these amazing Gay Animal Dad Vulture stories below:



" In 2017 a pair of male griffon vultures at the Artis zoo in Amsterdam recently welcomed a chick after taking in an abandoned egg in their aviary unit, zookeeper Job van Tol told TIME. While it’s common for same-sex couples to form in the animal kingdom, it’s rare in the bird world for two males to successfully hatch an egg, and it’s the first time this has happened at the Artis zoo."

“It’s a beautiful story,” van Tol said. “They proved they can.”

The dads, together for years, had been mating and started building nests in January. However, neither could produce an egg; only female vultures can do that. Their caretakers thought that was a “pity” because the two birds appeared to be a “really strong couple,” van Tol said.


The fathers split their duties evenly, taking turns caring for their young, foraging for food, feeding it and defending the nest. There’s no guarantee of what the future holds, but griffon vultures are monogamous animals and tend to stay in couples for years, according to van Tol. “After one year they don’t say, ‘Bye, this doesn’t work out for me.’ They have a real connection with each other,” he said. None of the three birds in the family have been named.


While there are 1,500 species of animals known to form same-sex couples, it’s rare for gay bird couples to find or take an unattended egg and then hatch it.


Other Same Sex Vulture Couples-


In 1998, two male griffon vultures named Dashik and Yehuda, at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, engaged in "open and energetic sex" and built a nest. The keepers provided the couple with an artificial egg, which the two parents took turns incubating, and 45 days later, the zoo replaced the egg with a baby vulture. The two male vultures raised the chick together.


Two male vultures at the Allwetter Zoo in Muenster built a nest together, although they were picked on and their nest materials were often stolen by other vultures. They were eventually separated to try to promote breeding by placing one of them with female vultures, despite the protests of German LGBTQ groups.




Gay Animals Vulture Dad's Lariat Necklace


|Handmade in our Texas Studio|




-recycled Sterling Silver

-flying vulture charm measures approximately 1 1/4” x 1/2” & sitting vulture measures approximately 1” x 1/2”

-comes with 2 , 3 mm black onyx gemstones and is stamped love is love on the backs

-shown as 16” length lariat style necklace

Choose other chain lengths at checkout



Due to the handmade nature this may vary slightly from image

Gay Animals Vulture Dads Lariat necklace

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