Happy Bee Metal Clay Necklace-Handmade out of fine silver(.999) Precious Metal Clay, Bee necklace measures approx. just over 1/2" x just over 1/2"" has a flat back for comfort. It has a shiny finish and comes on a 2.2 mm sterling cable chain that is 16" in length. (more information about PMC below)

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Due to the handmade nature this item may vary slightly from original image.

Person in photo is 5 ft tall, if you are a lot taller this may appear smaller on you. It is best to look at measurements listed as well to gauge size and length of chain needed. Shown as a 16" length

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Precious Metal Clay (PMC) ~
PMC was developed in the early 1990s in Japan by metallurgist Masaki Morikawa. The material consists of microscopic reclaimed/recycled particles of pure silver and a water-soluble, non-toxic, organic binder that burns off during firing. 

Metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay. After drying, the clay can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln, with a hand held gas torch, or on a gas stove. The binder burns away, leaving the pure metal.

Happy Bee Metal Clay Necklace