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Great to add on to your satin(matte) finish jewelry purchase! Touch up your satin finish recycled aluminum, brass, or copper jewelry items and keep them looking like new. One side of this cloth is for satin finish items and has a rougher texture and the softer side of the cloth is for polishing chains, sterling silver, Gold-Filled and all shiny polished metals.

Sunshine® Satin is a pink two-in-one cloth featuring a micro-abrasive polishing cloth bonded to a fine-abrasive sanding cloth. The darker-color side is the sanding cloth—ideal for shaping contours, smoothing out surface scratches and producing a smooth satin finish on metal. The lighter-color side is a micro-abrasive polishing cloth that's slightly more aggressive than our original yellow Sunshine Cloth—ideal for cleaning, removing tarnish and polishing jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals.

Each cloth is packaged in a resealable zip-close bag.

Just gently polish in direction of satin finish with the satin finish side of cloth for satin finish items. 

To polish shiny finish jewelry, gently polish in a circular motion on surface with the soft polishing side of cloth and to polish chain gently run down the length of the chain with the soft side of the polishing cloth. Long lasting and has no harsh chemicals that will damage the metal or stones!


Satin Finish Jewelry Polishing Cloth

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