We're partnering with Wildwood Farm Sanctuary to showcase some of the stars and animal ambassadors at the Sanctuary that help bring awareness to the of millions of animals just like them that sadly suffer and die in Factory Farms every year! Here's a little about Wildwood:


Protecting nature. Promoting compassion. Inspiring change.

Located on 98 acres in Newberg Oregon, Wildwood Farm Sanctuary is a haven for farm animals and wildlife alike. We provide lifelong refuge and rehabilitation for abused and abandoned farm animals while lovingly protecting the property’s native plants, wetlands, woodlands, and wild animals.

Through our mission and the lives of our beloved residents in this special place, we aspire to inspire! Our greatest hope is to help open eyes and reshape the way humans view and treat farm animals by considering a compassionate and cruelty-free way of living.


~50% of each necklace sale goes to Wildwood to help the animals and the sanctuary spread the message of peace, love and veganism.


Your Choice-Wildwood Farm Sancutary Necklaces are Made of recycled aluminum, which is a very lightweight metal! All lengths shown are 16" but you can choose other lengths at checkout.  


At checkout choose:


~Doodle (Goat)

~Ferd (steer w/ horns)

~Charlotte (cow no horns)

~ Blitzen (smaller steer w/ horns)


Due to the handmade nature this item may vary slightly from original image.

Person in photo is 5 ft tall, if you are a lot taller this may appear smaller on you. It is best to look at measurements listed as well to gauge size and length of chain needed. Shown as a 16" length

Please allow 5-7 days before shipping


Wildwood Farm Sanctuary Necklace

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