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Look no Plastic! #PlanetOrPlastic #zerowaste

Hey all! I have been streamlining my packaging to be zero waste and plastic free for a while but now I think I have it where I want it! At least for now! So this is what you will get with your order from now on:

1. Recycled paper mailer made with 100% recycled paper. It can be recycled with mixed use paper or composted.

2. Your Jewelry will come with a recycled paper care card...this has care instructions on the back of it so no extra paper for that. It comes in a reusable muslin bag that you can store your jewelry in for safe keeping this helps to keep it from getting tangled and tarnishing. (FYI the care cards say plastic baggie on the back still but I will update that info when I reorder new cards...I just don't want to waste these.)

3. One recycled paper business card...this had my Social Media and contact info. Sometimes I use it to write thank you's on the back if I run out of recipe cards:) I can send more cards by request if you would like to pass these out or for fundraising events. The cards can be recycled or composted.

4. A Recipe Card, this serves two functions one is for a free recipe that I do change with the seasons and it also gives me a spot to write personal notes and thank you's. I have had these cards since the beginning 10 years ago. The idea has always been for you to keep these with your recipes/ cookbooks but they also can be recycled or composted.

5. Small piece of recycled tissue paper that is secured with a logo sticker. This keeps the necklace or jewelry secure during travel and not getting damaged in the mailer.

Thats it! I am no longer using plastic baggies or mailers with plastic linings. Also I am no longer sending gift boxes with each order unless you request these. Although they are made of recycled paper not plastic but I have a feeling most people are just throwing them away and not reusing or recycling them. That said I am more than happy to send those if you would still like them so just let me know. ***Also If I feel you have a very fragile one of kind piece of jewelry I may put it in a gift box if I feel it might get damaged in the mail.

Lastly on Wholesale orders I sometimes wrap an order in plastic bubble wrap and just know that in the 10 years I have been in business I have NEVER bought any of this on purpose! It has all been repurposed from when I buy jewelry supplies, my supplier ships this sometimes with my orders, they mostly use paper so there isn't ton of plastic, but I just turn around and reuse all it in my wholesale orders. Because of this I kinda don't feel so bad about it but if you do not want this please let me know.

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