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Cows have Friends!

Cows are like people they value their family and friendships....According to the book The Inner World of Farm Animals by Amy Hatkoff . “Cows form close relationships with several cows of their own age or with whom they have been raised. They spend most of their time together, standing by one another, sharing food, coordinating activities, and grooming one another. . Studies have shown that being together provides cows with emotional and social support helping them feel secure, particularly in times of stress. When cows are with their friends, they are more resilient and less frightened by new situations. . Being separated is stressful and has a negative impact on their health, well-being etc. When separated, cows will call out and walk back and forth rapidly in an effort to reconnect with one another. This is similar to human babies crying when separated from their parents..."

✔️So next time you drive by a field of cows or a transport truck full of cows on the way to a slaughterhouse realize they are not just mindless, emotionless grass eating machines that were put here for you to eat....remember they, like you are hanging out with close family or their friends and cherish their lives with them just as much as you cherish yours...

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