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Springtime...Mushroom Foraging & Foxes!

Spring is just around the corner and I'm ready to get out in the woods and do some hiking and some foraging! Who else is with me? It honor of spring time my latest collection of jewels will be centered around mushroom foraging and foxes and will be dropping on the ides of March! Check it out:

This new collection is a very limited series of one-of-a- kind designs centered on mushroom foraging and the curious and smart Foxes that keep watch over our beautiful woodlands where our mushrooms grow. ​ Each piece is one-of- a-kind featuring vibrant hand fabricated orange kiln fired enamel foxes and mushrooms with red jasper gemstones set in recycled sterling silver with a black patina finish. ​ 10% of the proceeds of this collection will be going to Pawsitive Beginnings Inc. Forever Home for Fur Farm Foxes Pawsitive Beginnings goal is to educate the public on fur farming and how you as an individual can help make fur history.