~Yes, I do custom orders! Yay!! By custom I mean an all new shape or silhouette of your own design. For example,this can be of your special fur family member silhouette. (note: This is not the same as a text personalization of one of my existing designs. If you want different wording you can leave me a note at checkout or see my FAQ for more information:)

 STEP 1-First of all, for more specific details and to get a quote on a special piece please fill in the form below with a brief description of what you have in mind using some of the guidelines below and I will get back to you asap.


STEP2-  Which is also part of step one! Here is a little bit about the Custom Order PROCESS so you know a bit about what to expect before we get started and how to fill out the form below aka STEP1SEND AN IMAGE-On charms and pendants, you will send me an outline image of the piece you would like by email at & I will let you know if it will translate as an outline piece. (Note: Crisp black outlines work best as opposed to images that focus on facial features as those don't really  translate to a cut out piece:)  SEND MEASUREMENTS-At this time please let me know  approximate measurement  you would like it to be , for example most small pendant are around 3/4" -1"  in size, just a ball park idea to start really helps with the price quote and also the CHAIN LENGTH if it is a necklace, 16",18", 20" etc. I can make it whatever length you like.  CHOOSE YOUR METAL-choose either recycled aluminum, brass, copper, recycled sterling silver,rose gold filled or yellow gold filled.  PRICE QUOTE-Once I get the workable image,pendant size,chain length,metal choice I then will give you a price quote. TIME ESTIMATE- I will also give you a time estimate when it may be completed. SEND YOU AN INVOICE Once you get your price quote If you decide to make a piece ,I will then send you an invoice via email and once that is paid I will get started making your custom jewelry item. APPROVAL- Once your item is completed, I will send you images for approval before I ship it out so you will have a chance to make adjustments if needed. I may also need to ask some questions for clarifications along the way and if you have questions yourself feel free to contact me as well.  SHIPMENT -Once all are approved I will mail out your new jewelry item via USPS.

Note: Custom orders can take approx.10-20 business days depending on the complexity of the piece. It may also take longer if it is placed around the holiday season so it is always helpful to plan holiday gifts a bit in advance. I usually cut off taking custom orders from around Thanksgiving and do not resume these until January 1st.

~CUSTOM ORDER THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE AN OUTLINE IMAGE-This is the same process if you would like something such as rings, bracelets etc.  fill out the form below to get started or contact me at


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