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Welcome to my
Evergreen Jewelry Studio

Welcome to my tiny Sustainable jewelry studio inside an Evergreen Shipping Container! This is where all the handmade jewelry making magic happens.

The tiny studio build began in December of 2018 when we ordered a shipping container to be delivered to our land. I was so happy when it was delivered that it was green which is my favorite color and also that it read EVERGREEN!

I felt this was a perfect name for this studio as I am always hoping my jewelry is "evergreen" both in quality & purpose.


Needless to say I love the recycled aspect of both my work space and that I make my jewelry out of recycled metals aka "green" materials ...well it all seems like kismet! 


 My Tiny Evergreen Studio which it is now named is located in Hubbard Texas(population 1423),a town that was founded in 1895 and became  known for it's healing mineral springs.

Although the springs have long since gone away it is still a cute little texas town!

Our land is technically located 3 miles from the downtown of Hubbard so out of the "city" limits and Hubbard is located just 20-25 minutes from Waco and is about 2 hours from Austin so civilization is not too far away!

While the Evergreen Studio itself is Solar Powered for electricity and off-grid too, getting its water from our rain catch cistern, a fun fact about Hubbard Texas is that they are now part of the Hubbard Wind Project with many Wind Turbines that are just outside the Evergreen, and can be seen dotting the Texas Praire land.


The Evergreen Studio is in Hill County and the wind produced when the project is complete will be a combined capacity of approximately 450 megawatts of clean, renewable energy! While wind turbines are not great on every level especially for Birds and Bats it is still better than a lot of what is happening in Texas...the climate change struggle here is real which is one of the reasons we are working to create this off-grid tiny way of life for ourselves in an effort towards our own sustainability!


The Evergreen Studio is located on 26 acres of land which was previously used for cattle ranching that we are rewilding back to the earth and plan to keep mostly wild prairie for all the deer, bobcats, coyotes, wild pigs, rabbits, wild turkeys, oppossum, skunks,beaver etc that now call this land home and also the many birds including the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher which is why we, along with our friends and family call the land

Camp Scissor-Tail.

Since 2021  which is when Kyle and I moved from Dallas, Texas to live on the land full-time. In doing so it has allowed us to work on a more sustainable  and get use to a tiny living lifestyle. We are currently living in a 400 sq ft RV while we build our tiny Aircrete Dome Cabin(see images in gallery) We are hoping to move to the cabin full-time in the spring of 2024 (fingers crossed).  We are always striving to live in harmony with the earth and with the native wildlife and hopefully leaving the earth better or with the least amount of damage while we are here on this planet. 

Check out the image gallery above to see my tiny Evergreen Jewelry Making Studio in action. 

Thanks for stopping by my studio 

hope to see you again soon!



If you are interested in the materials and process of the Evergreen shipping container build I documented  it and will continue to update all the studio news on our Instagram @EVERGREEN_JEWELRY_STUDIO

Kyle my amazing bowerbird did all the amazing design for my studio and our aircrete cabin as well. 

Follow my Jewelry making journey @CROBINSONDESIGN   xx

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