Welcome to our latest project! 

Our Evergreen Jewelry Studio Build inside an Evergreen Shipping Container! We are building this on some family property in Hubbard Texas(population 1423) which is a town that was founded in 1895 and became  known for it's healing mineral springs! (located between Waco and Corisicana Texas and about 1 1/2 drive from Dallas! 


~The Evergreen is located on 17 acres of land which we keep mostly wild prairie for all the Deer, bobcats, coyotes, wild pigs, rabbits, many birds including the Scissor Tail which is why we call the land Camp Scissor Tail (www.campscissortail.com)

We are hoping to live in harmony with the native wildlife and in that effort we have 10 acres of undeveloped land next door that we have had designated as a Monarch Butterfly way station for their annual migration through the area! 


~At the moment,Kyle and I live in Dallas   but are hoping to eventually move to this location and when we do I will need to have a jewelry studio!  So we ordered a shipping container and was so happy when it came that it was green which is my favorite color and also said EVERGREEN!I We felt this was a perfect name for this project as I am always hoping my jewelry is "evergreen" in that it is always fresh and new and also the recycled aspect of both the space and that I make my jewelry out of recycled metals aka "green"materials ...well it just seemed like kismet! 


~ If you are interested in staying up to date on the build and the eventual news of the studio please follow my IG @shopevergreenjewelry 

~OR if you really want to get involved with this project in more depth please check out our PATREON for more information and also find out about our exclusive jewelry merch gifts for our "Ever-Greenest" patrons!!  xx