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Hey all,as summer comes to a close and fall is just around the corner I hope you all had a lovely summer season and got lots of rest, sunshine and READING!

Since moving from Dallas,Texas almost two years ago, I just now finally took the time to get a library card at the Waco public Library in Waco, Texas. The town we actually live in is about 25 minutes away from Waco and is technically in a different county and is so small (only approx. 1400 people) that there is no library. Just a museum library of the town of Hubbard, Texas which was a town founded for its healing mineral springs...which have all sadly dried up at this point. So too tiny for a "real" Library. Needless to say since getting my library card my summer reading and reading in general has vastly improved and I am loving the whole library experience & highly recommend.

I recently read this book, An Unnatural Order by Jim Mason and although it wasn't actually a library book or even a new book as it came out in the early 1990s it was revised in 2020 so it definitely had updated information.

As an animal lover and an earth lover too I am always astounded at the destruction and disdain by humans of our fellow earthlings and even our own home...planet Earth and have always wondered what the origin of this cruelty was. Of course, my basic assumption was religion had taught us (even if we aren't religious) that we are above nature, not of nature,so its okay to do with the world and animals whatever we want. But now I realize that the origin is so much deeper than that...It is perpetuated by church, philosophers and most of all specifically men! This book takes you from the very beginning when women and animals and nature were the gods and shows you step by step how the insecurities of men as to their own place in the natural world created one of patriarchy and of dominion that is destroying and has led to the climate crises that we are all facing now. It takes you through the herding cultures to domestication of wild animals to men herding aka "managing businesses" to "managing women" in households...something I never connected together but now that is it seen it cannot be unseen.

Although this is not what I would call light reading I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who really wants to get to the bottom of human nature and the real insecure reasons why we do what we do. It really highlights how we could and still can change ourselves if only we are willing to face our insecurities and choose to make that change. Not learning and knowing about our human insecurities & failings because it's tough are not an option! You can find An Unnatural Order by Jim Mason on Amazon just click the various links and image link to purchase. That's it for my latest book review and hope you all have Happy Fall Reading adventures and please check out my Fall Book Lover Collection for all your book lover gift needs!



Written by author,fellow jewelry maker &  badass vegan mama,
Randi Seltzer Bonica of Salt and Sparkle Gifts & Jewels.
I love this book and am so excited to offer it to all my vegan jewelry lovers! With adorable illustrations and thoughtful stories, Vegan Family is the perfect book for the whole family. Vegan Family is also a perfect gift add-on for book loving vegan parents with littles who love animals and vegan ice cream!! 
"I is for the Ice Cream. Of course we eat that too." In a fun, rhyming poem that utilizes the first letters of VEGAN FAMILY, Randi Seltzer Bonica highlights the conversations and challenges that young vegans might encounter as they learn that not everyone sees the world their way. Abby Broussard's rainbow of colors and bright illustrations help parents guide their children to be confident and brave about their family's lifestyle choices.

VEGAN FAMILY creatively shares an empowering message that will help navigate the challenges of raising a child vegan

Hey all! Just a quick update as many know during Pandy times I discontinued Worldwide aka International shipping because things weren't moving as smoothly with orders getting caught up in customs or returned to me altogether but now things seem back to normal in this regards so our shipping lanes are OPEN again for both retail and wholesale orders, making distance a thing of the past. 🌎💙 Prepare for a world of possibilities and endless shopping adventures - click that 'Add to Cart' button now! 🛍️📦

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