CUSTOMIZATION OF MY DESIGNS I am always happy to customize designs that are featured on my website in the sizes and designs shown with different words or phrases.  Please feel free to send me an email at before you place your order or you can leave me note about your custom phrase.


CUSTOM ORDERS If you are interested in a custom order or outline shape/charm please contact me at:


Custom Order PROCESS  On charms and pendants, send me an outline image of the piece you would like by email & I will let you know if it will translate as an outline piece. Also let me know the measurement  you would like it to be (ex: 1" x 1") and chain length if it is a necklace, 16",18", 20" etc.  (Note: Crisp black outlines work best:) If it is a doable image then I would give you a price estimate in the metal you choose either recycled aluminum or in recycled sterling silver & a time estimate when it may be completed. Once it is completed, I will send images for approval and when are all are approved I will send you an invoice via Square,Venmo or PayPal(you do not need a PayPal account for this and can use a Credit or Debit Card if you like for payment)


This is the same process if you would like something that is not using an outline image, such as rings etc.  just send an email to get started.


Note: Custom orders can take approx. 10-20 business days depending on the complexity of the piece and or if it is placed during the holiday season.

Recycled METALS My Recycled aluminum & other recycled metals vary in thickness due to what is available at the time I visit the recycling center. However, none are as thin as a soda can or can be bent or crushed with normal wear.   The aluminum that I use is more like what you would find around your doors and windows, so it is very durable.   The thickness usually range is between 16 gauge -20 gauge.


My recycled sterling silver sheet is 20-26 gauge. If you would like a thicker gauge of sterling on your custom item please let me know! NOTE: There is a price increase for thicker sterling silver sheet.  My sterling silver sheet metal, chain, casting grain, clasps and jump rings are made of recycled sterling silver in the USA with fair trade practices.


 I strive to have as minimal impact on the mining world as possible! I use 100% recycled metal, which is identical in quality to newly mined metals, but without the environmental destruction and human rights violations caused by the metal mining industry.

RECYCLING METALS   Your recycled sterling and recycled aluminum charms are recyclable!    Your sterling silver chain, clasp, pendant,or earrings  can be sold to a Gold & Silver Exchange in your area to be recycled.  You can find these locations that buy Gold & Silver  to be recycled in your  area by searching online.    The Sterling Silver will be melted,refined and then it will be recycled  into a new piece of jewelry!  As for recycling my recycled aluminum charms, you can either ship them back to me or  they can simply be recycled along with your household aluminum cans.   

Vegan Being a Vegan influences everything in my life including the jewelry I make. As a Vegan, I don't use animals or animal-derived products in any way, such as I do not use leather, animal hair, feathers, bone, silk, wool, pearl, shell, or coral.

WIND POWERED The jewelry studio is powered by 100% wind energy!  What that means is all the electrical energy that powers the lights and the jewelry equipment that I use to make each piece of jewelry is from a renewable and non-polluting source!  Yay!


PACKAGING/zero Waste  In an effort to encourage zero waste living my packaging is meant to be reused or repurposed including muslin jewelry bags,paper gift boxes, recipe cards and even the mailing envelope that comes with your order can be recycled or reused. Your mailing envelope is 100% recycled paper and can be recycled with mixed used paper products. Also I no longer use any plastic bio baggie's  or mailers with plastic linings in them so your order will be

100% plastic free.


Your jewelry item will come in a muslin (cotton) jewelry bag you can reuse!  This helps to keep your jewelry from getting tangled and from tarnishing when not wearing.   


The gift boxes and also my business cards are out of 100% recycled paper and are reusable! 


PAPER  I try to keep all paper that is not needed to a minimum and therefore do not included receipts or packing slips with your order unless requested. All office paper that is used for any print outs that may be included in your order is out of 100% post consumer recycled paper. Also your item comes wrapped in 100% Recycled Tissue Paper that is Made in the USA. I am always looking to find new ways to refuse,reduce,reuse, repair,recycle,+ repurpose!  If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know!


Business Hours Business hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 pm (Texas time)  I am closed weekends and  major Holidays.


PAYMENT Options   Square- I accept all major credit cards and payment through Square  

Venmo- I can send you an invoice via Venmo by email just contact me via DM on IG or by email

PayPal-I accept  all major credit cards and payment through Paypal and also Echeck through PayPal.

 FYI YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to make a purchase from my shop as you can use a credit/debit card through PayPal and my website it s secure shopping account.  


Check/Money Order-If you would like to pay by check or money order mail payment +shipping(see shipping rates below) to:

Christy Robinson 7337 Ravehill Lane Dallas, Texas 75227( Make your check or money order payable to Christy Robinson).

If paying by check or money order your order will not be shipped out until payment is received.


NOTE: Texas residents will be 8.25% sales tax at checkout through PayPal


RETURNS ALL MY WORK IS GUARANTEED! I allow 10 days from the time you receive your package to return the item. I can either replace the piece with another one or give a full refund!  Email me first to decide which you want to do and to get the shipping address! Note: On one of a kind items you can only get a refund.


G I F T S  Please let me know if your order is a gift, I can send you a card for the occasion: holiday, birthday etc. and put piece in a 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper gift box


S H I P P I N G  Most orders  are shipped out in 5-7 business days (Mon-Friday)  - Most designs are made to order to allow for customization ( different chain length, words etc.). Some designs may take longer but will be marked  with the length of time it will take approx. before shipping. 


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT!  If you know it is different please let me know so I can edit your shipping label before I print it and ship your items to the incorrect address.

I ship USA orders via USPS Priority for a flat fee of  $7.50(this shipping comes with insurance as well as delivery confirmation).  Orders placed by e-check through PayPal will take 3-5 business days to clear so it will take a little longer to reach you.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK,  Most of my orders go through customs and overseas travel with no problems, but because it is completely out of my hands once I ship, I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. I ship USPS  International First Class $14 flat fee this does include a tracking/ delivery number but no insurance, this shipping can take 4+ weeks to reach you.  If you are needing your item more quickly You can upgrade to Priority or Express Mail international, contact me at info@christyrobinsondesign.comand I will  send you an invoice for the added fees via PayPal or Square.


Customs Forms- I do  fill out custom forms & as a courtesy to my customers mark them as a "gift" to help avoid additional customs fees.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS just a little note on estimated delivery times:   Delivery time with first class mail international is usually  4 weeks...sometimes less, but sometimes more. Delivery time with Priority Mail international  is officially 6-10 weekdays (as stated by the USPS) However, in my experience it often takes 15-20 weekdays. Express Mail international officially is 3-5  weekdays(as stated by USPS) but it can take longer as well.  Also USPS does not count weekends as delivery times just weekdays(aka business days). 

Please be aware that you are responsible for any customs duties,taxes, VAT, brokerage fees, or tariffs levied after the initial US

postage. These fees could be applied to your package at the discretion of your local customs officers/post office.



CARE INSTRUCTIONS AND REPAIRS When you order a piece of jewelry I always enclose a list of Care instructions PLEASE READ these. They are located on the back of the card/ business cards included with your jewelry purchase.  It is best to read the directions before wearing....storing /caring for your jewelry item in the manner suggested will mean less care and maintenance will be needed along the way. If a piece breaks under normal wearing conditions I will gladly repair it.


Recycled aluminum is very hypo-allergenic and also is very tarnish resistant ... meaning it does not turn black  like sterling silver, brass or copper does so there is a lot less maintenance.


General Care – Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, and beauty products. Remove jewelry before washing hands and showering. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. And storing jewelry in a jewelry box will help to prevent tarnishing when you are not wearing it.

Sterling Silver – Naturally, sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time. This is not indicative of poor quality. If you notice your jewelry discoloring or losing its luster, use a polishing cloth to help bring back the shine. It will not, however, buff out any scratches. Also, please note that sterling silver has a small amount of copper in the alloy to which some individuals with sensitive skin may have reactions.

Oxidized Sterling Silver – The oxidization on those pieces that have been antiqued is not permanent, and will fade in some areas with wear. To keep the oxidization as long as possible, avoid silver cleaning solutions and prolonged exposure to liquids.

Brass – Brass will develop a natural patina over time. But you can keep it bright by polishing with a polishing cloth after every wear and storing in a jewelry box.


Children I do not recommend my jewelry for small children as it could pose a choking hazard.  It is more for ages at least 10 (if not older) and up!

C O P Y R I G H T & R E S E L L I N G As the artist, I retain copyright over my work(designs) and this is not licensed without my explicit permission. I also retain copyright over the images of my work, etc. as displayed on this website and others.



 Commercial resale of my work is not permitted without prior arrangement. I do accept wholesale orders.    If you wish to discuss wholesale terms and specifics,  please contact me at:


DONATIONS I am happy to make donations of my recycled aluminum jewelry items to be used  for raffles and silent auctions at  events to raise funds/ awareness for animals,the earth or people in need,(because of  the expense of materials cost alone...I cannot donate sterling items:)  I am happy to promote your event via my Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter and can also add a link to your event on the "GIVING" page of my website.


Just be sure to contact me at least a month  or more  in advance.  Unfortunately, I can no longer accept last minute donation requests of less than a months notice.  Also as a very small business I can only afford to donate one or possibly two items per each request.


giveaways  I am happy to participate in giveaways on your  blog or website that I  feel are appropriate  for my jewelry designs  such as those that promote veganism, animal rights, environment,  human rights, Feminism and overall health and well being.  As with donation items I would need a month or more notice of the giveaway event.   I would promote your  "Giveaway" via my Instagram,my Facebook page and Twitter.    If you are making an inquiry please email your blog/or website information for review and a brief description of what you have in mind as far as a giveaway and I will get back to you asap.  For Giveaways and donations you can contact  me at  

Hand forged Artisan Vegan Jewelry made in a little metalsmithing studio in Dallas,Texas - eco friendly sustainable jewelry using recycled metals 

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