Yay! Had a wonderful week off but am glad to be back in the studio!

🌞🌊When you visit the ocean & experience all the beauty & vast space you can’t imagine that humans can be so selfish to cruelly keep our magnificent whales, dolphins & other sea animals captive in swimming pools especially knowing that many live long lives well into their 80s or more seems an especially long & cruel prison sentence for any being just because humans want to see them when we want to see them & on our schedule... surely we humans are not that cruel & selfish a species...oh but sadly we are & then some!! Let’s make a change & let them go, set them free! As I’m sure we can all agree captivity is cruel & let the animals enjoy their life with their family in the ocean doing what they want & not what we want them to do & that way if we see them by chance while we are in the ocean the experience will be even more special & meaningful!🐋🐬🐠🐟🦞🦭#letthemgosetthemfree#captivityiscruel #captivitykills

🌊💙This one-of-a-kind necklace is part of my Ocean Love Collection & a portion of the proceeds go to @emptythetanksworldwide and their animal liberation efforts & beach clean up projects

🌞🌊In honor of my recent visit to the beach all orders over $50 this week will get a FREE We are all Connected Save our Oceans Sea Turtle sticker in recycled paper 💙#saveouroceans#weareallconnected#plasticfree

🌞🌊Loved our time visiting the ocean last week & was happy to see these areas on the beach protecting the sea turtles eggs & nesting sites....& although there weren’t as many set up as I felt there should be it was better than not seeing any at all! I mean this has been the sea turtles beach long before humans showed up 💙

Hey all hope you are having a lovely summer!

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new custom order request page on my website that will hopefully make requesting custom orders a little easier! Here is a link to check it out!

Hey all! Hope you are having a lovely summer! I just wanted to let you know about a couple of upcoming fundraisers for the animals! First up is for who recently lost funding to build some fencing for the animals at the sanctuary and so really need your help! Click on their Logo IMAGE below to find out more about their story and specific needs on their Go Fund Me page!

I donated this bracelet $25 and the keychain $22 below for both auctions, both are available on my website and Etsy shop and can be personalized with your own wording by request.

Another auction for the animals coming up is for please follow links to find out more about these amazing sanctuaries for farm animals and participate in the live auctions and or donate as these animals really need your help and support! xx Also if you have a farm sanctuary or micro farm sanctuary and would like jewelry donations for an upcoming fundraiser,live auction or raffle please contact me at and also check out my GIVING page for more information

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