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Yep, Nope, Maybe, So Long...

poems, thoughts & short stories....

I started writing many years ago even before I started making jewelry & recently I decided to move some my writings from an old blogspot site so that I  have all my creations  in one spot... as I felt kind of scattered about & wanted one home for everything...hope you enjoy!

Symbol Bug


The turtle walked to War one day,
The white flag was on his back
Symbol bug walked to Peace today,
Dragging the turtle in a sack

Over and under
Symbol Bug went
Hoping to find a place
Where he had been sent

He asked, they,pointed
And said they knew none
Of such an odd place
Where peace was ruler of

A little discouraged
Yet still on he tread
Coming maybe closer
To where nobody bled

In Peace he thought on
There would be no more wars
As was for the turtle
Now what had he fought for?

Then came a snail past
So Symbol Bug he asked
"Could you tell me where Peace is, I am searching for it so,
For my dear friend here was killed in War you know..

So, if you could help me to find that dear place where no one
are prejudice of any race, where no one are enemies, and everyone
are friends, please, if you could make my long journey end?"

The snail thought slowly then he replied as such,
"My friend do not worry for peace for your friend,
I am sure he found it where ever he went

As for you I shall tell you where you can find peace,
And although you have made a long journey
You are no nearer to it you see

Peace, there is no such place, no town, city, or ville, but
peace can exist within your own can use that at will

World peace you are hunting?  Well, that does not exist unless
You and the rest of the world stop hunting it and just plainly put it
to the test!"

The Snail stopped talking
Then slowly moved ahead
Now Symbol Bug plainly saw
What the snail had just said

The journey back home was treacherous and long
But the funeral for his friend,the turtle,
Held for Symbol Bug a new song

That day he looked up to the clouds,
Where bombs still flew, he did cry
Yet now he saw it as it is,
A beautiful blue, yes that is the sky

Internal Plotting's of the Mote


to not try would be a funny thought
to not be would be an elevated thought
to stay would be ridiculous
to travel would mean you are rich
to be happy with nothing would be impossible
to scatter your ashes to the wind, after your death would be wise
to not be a team player means death
to look and live as everyone else is American

Seto Naikai


To be malleable, to change
To walk through the closed door...

The world forces you to do so
It hurls you into the wall of the one place you
do not wish to go...

The vastness of space.
You realize now this is all your life ever was
The regrets now hiding
Behind what you thought your life was...

And now in this sense nothing ever changes
And there is comfort in knowing
That things have always been the same

All the people and experiences...have never left you
You realize then that you left them
You realize then that you are normal
And just as a shark must move forward  to live
You realize change is what all our lives are made of



Does skipbomb or doxy or hecatomb sound right?
A skelp into the subworld for a malaise pubcrawler at night
A pugilist or passive to grovel or walk apace
To live so downtrodden yet walk with askance upon your face
Hypocrite or realist or boredom's borrowed hand
No slog is hit any harder than the one who is melted by sand
To die alone or live with many in the world of kingdoms end
The skullduggery of the foolish who I once claimed as my friend
Sacrosanct or evil or of the timely brazen sorts whose life was
vainly shattered in a room of painted tarts"Oh, rot and death", says
the man under the hole "For I am stuck in this place and I haven't any soul."

So I tell him to give me time then I shall find him what he needs
Yet he reaches for the watch painted on his lowly sleeve
He says, "I have already got my time but the shadow of the bomb
is not on me!"

Skipbomb or doxy or hecatomb, goodnight
The rubber duck lay in the tub
When the bomb shut off the light

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