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My Story

Hi I'm Christy Robinson I have been making jewelry for 26 years and have been an ethical vegan for 20 years and I was Vegetarian 2 years in the beginning. I went Vegetarian after watching an undercover slaughter house video in 1996, seeing that was enough for me as I had always been a huge animal lover. I immediately got involved with my local animal rights group protesting the sale of fur, animal testing and more here in the Dallas area.

I am a native Texan and currently reside in Dallas where I work as a full time studio jewelry artist. I have worked with two local contemporary jewelers and have taken jewelry intensives at The Craft Guild of Dallas in casting and etching techniques and enameling techniques at the Creative Art Center in Dallas. In 2007,I combined my interests (jewelry making,animal rights,veganism,environmental issues,etc.) by starting my online shop via my primary website www.christyrobinsondesign.com and my Etsy Shop. I currently give a portion of my proceeds to various earth, animal, or people friendly charities.

My jewelry designs are great conversation starters and are a wonderful way to spread the word to others about topics that you as the wearer feel strongly about. Currently my work features jewelry designs that deal with human, animal, and environmental issues and I am often inspired by meditation,metaphysical practices, yoga, animal rights, human rights,feminism, ethical veganism and the environment.

The materials I use are earth friendly recycled metals such as aluminum, sterling silver,PMC(precious metal clay),copper, Lab-Grown stones and ethically sourced beads and fair trade findings. In an effort to encourage zero waste living my packaging is meant to be reused or repurposed including muslin jewelry bags,paper gift boxes, recipe cards and even the mailing envelope that comes with your order can be recycled or reused. Your mailing envelope is 100% recycled paper and can be recycled with mixed used paper products or as with all the paper in your order it can be composted as well. Also I no longer use any plastic bio baggie's or mailers with plastic linings in them so your order will be 100% plastic free.

Giving/donations- I am happy to make donations of my jewelry items to be used for raffles and silent auctions at events to raise funds/ awareness for animals,the earth or people in need. I am also happy to include a link to your event on my GIVING page plus I will promote your event via my Facebook, Twitter and IG.

PS If you are a jewelry maker check out my other Etsy Shop
Metal Jewelry Making Blanks-  https://www.etsy.com/shop/metaljewelryblanks

***PSS follow me on Instagram @crobinsondesign for jewelry stuff and
Also follow my IG @crobinsonlife for personal stuff about the vegan food I eat, cruelty-free lifestyle stuff I use, the animals I love along with my amazing husband Kyle and rescue dog Laika.