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Vegan For Life Collection


New collection is a one of a kind collection of designs built around tree agate and pink tourmaline gemstones that I have been collecting over the years and each piece will  feature a majestic cow in a natural habitat with the hopes of bringing to light the plight of these amazingly dedicated moms(and dads)who are patience, playful,gentle beings who make our world a better place by their presence.


Cows,steers & calves are continuously one of the most exploited and abused animals in the world and are taken for granted and used for their meat and milk because they are easy targets due to their gentle spirits.

Release date May 3 (12 pm Central Daylight Time) is the beginning of Be Kind to Animals Week and just in time for Mother's Day gift giving on May 10.


10% of the proceeds of each one of these items will be going to Animal Save Movement for all their amazing work with bearing witness with slaughterhouse vigils and in bringing education to help these beautiful souls.

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