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"Welcome to my handmade jewelry & gift store! Here you will find a unique selection of jewelry crafted with care and dedication. I have been creating jewelry for over 20 years, and my pieces are made from sustainable and vegan-friendly materials. I use recycled metals and other eco-friendly materials to craft my jewelry.  Below is my origin story..."


Meet the maker

I have loved creating since childhood, and when I started working at a gem and mineral shop in my early 20's  I started playing around making jewelry with rough rocks I had polished in a rock tumbler and also gemstone beads and was immediately obsessed leading me to eventually take a basic metalsmithing class at a community college. I found that I really loved jewelry making because of the variety of techniques that it offered unlike other art forms which seemed kind of limiting to me at the time. 


 Since then I have gone on to work with two Dallas based contemporary jewelers and have taken jewelry intensives at The Craft Guild of Dallas and the Creative Art Center also in Dallas and learned a variety of other jewelry techniques which I now use to make my jewelry. I use hand sawing, hand stamping, casting, metal clay/kiln firing, enameling, etching, stone setting, beading, metal fabrication & soldering techniques to create my jewelry often using more than one technique per piece. I use recycled metals,Lab Grown, American Mined and ethically sourced gemstones.

   Recently (2021),in an effort to be even more sustainable and climate friendly I moved from Dallas Texas to Hubbard which is a small Texas town (population 1423).  Now my current Jewelry studio is located in a tiny solar powered off-grid shipping container that we call the Evergreen(see Evergreen Jewelry Studio for more info.)

While I am a one woman shop as I design and make every piece of jewelry,I hand stamp,solder, set stones, and pack up every order with care etc...... I do get A LOT of help and support from my amazing husband Kyle and Laika our rescue Schnauzer mix who always keeps me laughing!



Along the way of my jewelry making journey, I became vegan and got involved in animal rights and liberation protesting after seeing an undercover slaughterhouse video.  I also began learning about climate change, feminism and human rights issues too.

Eventually this led me to combine my interests in spreading the messages of these various causes with my jewelry designs by starting my online shop via my primary website and my Etsy Shop.  In both I strive to offer affordable, well made,sustainable jewelry in recycled metals that is both earth and animal (vegan)friendly and also promotes & encourages a dialogue for the wearer about the causes that I and they may feel strongly about.

Being an ethical Vegan for over 20 years ,I do not use any animal products such as feathers, leather, bones, coral, shells,beeswax, pearls, etc. This also includes jewelry making items such as rawhide mallets,leather sandbags, glue and I also use only vegan ink on my hand stamped pieces! I also use zero-waste packing materials by EcoEnclose, see FAQ for more info on packaging


I currently give a portion of my proceeds to various earth, animal, or people friendly charities. Check out my Giving page if you are interested in learning about my Giving and Fundraiser Donation Jewelry  and also my Jewelry Collections which are my Art Jewelry projects that raise funds for various causes.

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