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Elephant Sun Collection

This new collection is a very limited series of one of a kind designs that are celebrating our  amazing life giving sun and the beautiful elephants that live here on earth and share the sun with us! These designs are built around lovely sand and gray crazy lace agate gemstones and vibrant purple gemstones set in reticulated recycled sterling silver.  

Elephants will be the animals featured in a natural habitat with the hopes of bringing to light about the plight of captive elephants that are used for entertainment, trophy hunting and  zoos etc. Elephants are highly intelligent beings, social beings with very strong family bonds that travel many miles every day which makes captivity especially cruel. We as humans should do everything we can to protect their native habitat which is the savannas of African and Thailand by first boycotting circuses, zoo   that have captive elephants and then bringing awareness to others of the plight of elephants as well.


Release date for this collection will be Monday August 26 (7 pm Central Daylight Time) w

​10% of the proceeds will also be going Save Elephant Foundation 

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