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Midnight Campfire Collection


This new collection is a very limited series of one of a kind designs that are celebrating camping, campfires and the beautiful coyotes that are the voice behind them. These designs are built around fiery carnelians and midnight blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones set in mixed metals of recycled sterling silver, brass and copper.  


Coyotes will be the animals featured in a natural habitat with the hopes of bringing to light the plight of coyotes as a threat to farmers who take over the coyote lands and habitats thus killing them almost to extinction. Coyotes are highly intelligent and very resilient beings with strong family bonds. They are needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem by keeping snake and rodent populations under control. Plus what is a good campfire without them singing their songs to each other as we watch the campfire with the stars above?  We as humans should do everything we can to protect their native habitat and encourage coexistence rather than extermination.


Release date for this collection will be Wednesday July 29 (7 pm Central Daylight Time) 

​10% of the proceeds will also be going Project Coyote to help with their conservation and coexistence programs for coyotes and other wildlife.

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