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Vegan Band Ring- is hand fabricated out of Recycled sterling silver that is hand stamped with the word "Vegan" is 1/4" width. Customizable with other words such as Ahimsa.


It is UNISEX and is available is sizes 5-12 including half sizes just let me know what size you would like at checkout.


Note: It is best to have your finger sized with a WIDE BAND ring sizer from a jeweler to determine correct size. Shown as a size 8




Due to the handmade nature of this piece it may vary slightly from original image.



As for allergies some people turn "green" because of copper so obviously copper items may cause an issue, but what a lot of people do not realize is most sterling silver is alloyed with a small bit of copper to make it stronger(hence 9.25 marking) so if you are highly sensitive to copper and sometimes turn "Green" when you wear silver this is probably why. One way to fix this is to coat the inside surface that touches your skin(for flat items & rings) with a Vegan non- toxic clear nail polish (such as No Miss Brand)so that it creates a barrier between you and the metal. Added note: Commercial jewelers usually "preserve" their pieces by plating them with white gold or Rhodium(platinum) plating to keep them from tarnishing in the showcase and also too keep from turning you "Green" but this is an extremely toxic process for the environment and people so I do not do this or recommend this process at all.

Care for your sterling jewelry, it is best to store in biodegradable reusable plastic baggie that comes with your order when not wearing. Also storing it in the gift box that it comes in as well, as less exposure to light and air will reduce the rate of tarnish. I do not recommend wearing while showering, or swimming, or in a hot tub as exposure to Chlorine can cause damage. Also if you wash your hands a lot and or use commercial soaps with chemicals, while these are not harsh enough to damage the ring itself they can act as a solvent to remove the patina of the lettering so that it will no longer be black. With a little added care I hope you enjoy your handmade ring for many years to come:)


Vegan Band Ring

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