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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely spring and all are ready for an amazingly fun Summer!

Update time, I just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of new interactive sections on my website...One is the Instagram Influencer section. This section features fans from IG who love, wear and share my jewelry designs on Instagram. While I cannot feature everyone, you can get in the running to be a featured fan by sharing your jewelry on IG and using the hashtag #crobinsondesign and tag your image with @crobinsondesign. I am sure to link my site and your's to promote you as well. FYI Images like the one below work well as they clearly feature your necklace but this style could also work well with bracelets, rings etc. Also be sure to follow me on IG @crobinsondesign:)

Featured Fan- Darbi Gwynn

Another feature which I have had for a while is a Collaborations page, this is where I have collaborated with an animal friendly designer, person or animal rights group to create an exclusively designed piece for sell on their personal site only. I am always open to collaborations with vegan beauty bloggers, clothing designers, plant based cookbook authors,Vegan food bloggers, vegan athletes etc. to promote your exclusive jewelry design whether it be your logo as a piece of jewelry or keychain or a jewelry design of your own creation you would like to promote / sell on your site. The sky's is the limit!! Below is the In My Heart Sheep necklace I collaborated on with Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart,of Vaute Couture that is based on her favorite poem "i carry your heart with me" by ee. cummings

Collaborations-Vaute Couture

If you would like to work on a collaboration or partnership of a piece of jewelry, keychain etc. please feel free to contact me at Also I am happy to do giveaways and promotions that you would like to have on your Instagram and am happy give free jewelry to qualifying Instagram accounts for promotion purposes. Feel free to email me with your Instagram account information, name etc. for qualification. xoxo much love Christy

Vegan 100%

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