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Pangolin Necklace-Save the Animals and Humans too...Go Vegan

As an artist, I always feel like it is my job to find a way to express how I feel about current issues & topics that affect us all & turn those feelings into an art piece that makes the viewer see an issue or current event in a new light or just to get them thinking in a way that maybe they haven’t before in this crazy time in history that we are all in I had to make a piece bringing to light the issue that eating animals caused the Covid-19 pandemic...specifically the eating of pangolins...I made a pangolin necklace in recycled aluminum which reads”Save the animals & Humans too end wild meat trade” on the front & “Go Vegan” on the back...Click image to shop.

See the list of all the other zoonotic pandemics caused by eating’s time to go vegan if not for the animals or the environment then maybe your own self preservation or that of your loved ones...If you would like to learn more about this click Covid 19 image or link below to the amazing article Vegan to End the Threat of Pandemics by Rebecca Moore

✖️✖️love to all & stay safe...


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